Mullvad has started beefing up VPN

May 14, 2018

Mullvad has started beefing up VPN Mullvad, a company that works on Internet security level, has expanded the server’s location by this time. Today they have control over servers in Sweden and Amsterdam. The Internet providers Tier1 and Tier2 make the Internet access even more protected.

A major betterment in protection service has been already developed. Mullvad has stated that they have beefed up their servers’ capacity and existing servers are presenting now the tightest security. Mullvad has cooperated with specialists from data center 31173 Services which helped them to achieve the result that we can observe today. Present-day Mullvad VPN supply proves its high score in the sphere of protection against any information leakage on the web.

Along with the cooperative servers, Mullvad works with physical dedicated servers from reliable suppliers in Germany, Canada, the US and Singapore.