In Moscow the protest rally has been held

May 14, 2018

Moscow - protestOn the 9th of August the protest rally was held in the central park in Moscow. The reason is the legislative amendments introduced in June. If to be exact the package of controversial anti-terrorism legislation was signed by Russian president. According to the law Internet providers and communication companies should store metadata for 3 years. Besides, the information should be given to the government if it is necessary for investigation.

At first the rally was suggested to be held elsewhere but it was forbidden by the authorities. As a result, the rally was held in a local place which is considered to be like Hyde Park, a traditional location for mass demonstrations in London.

As for protesters, there were about 2,6 thousand people. As they’ve stated, the most relevant reason is to protect their right to liberty. Moreover, the new law will lead to the consequences such as the increase of service price for the Internet and communication. Not to mention the fact that the authorities will have an opportunity to keep track using the people’s money.

In fact the Russians do not trust the authorities preferring not to collaborate with them. That’s why the most evident fear is to be tracked or bugged legally.

Actually the protesters still have time, as entry-into-force will be carried out in 1.5 year.

By the way, there have been some consequences already. VPN service IPVanish the servers of which were located in Russia retired. The same situation had VPN service Private Internet Access the servers of which were removed.