The monkey business of the US government

November 29, 2017

Max Schrems has campaigned against FacebookIt’s not a secret that nowadays there’s a well-spread phenomenon called an information war in which everybody got involved. Using social networks we have a great opportunity to become a participant of it just clicking the button “share”. But what’s the point? Let’s consider.

Max Schrems is an Austrian privacy activist who has campaigned against Facebook for privacy violation, including its violations of European privacy laws. It’s supposed his personal data was transfered to the US National Security Agency (NSA) as part of the NSA's PRISM programme. In 2015 he has initiated two lawsuits involving Facebook.

Trying to reply Facebook was continuing its deal connected with PRISM program under which the NSA collects internet communications from at least nine major US internet companies. Firstly, the case was being heard by the Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland, but then it was transfered to the Irish High Court for determing the real position of such a deal.

It’s interesting to note that today the hearing has been interfered by the US government. In consequences, the court has been postponed for two weeks giving time for both sides for a formal petition that requests some action from the court. Moreover, it was stated that the US government, the American chamber of commerce, the ESA alliance wanted to be involved in the case as amicus curiae, ‘a friend of the court’ which means someone who is not a party to a case, but who can provide information which may be relevant to the case.

At the same time Max Schrems provided feedback. He considers it’s a really great opportunity of involving the US government in the case. He wants to ask as many uncomfartable questions as possible to make the government give an account fot it. Let’s wait a little bit and we’l get at the result.