Millions of Movilnet's GSM Clients in Venezuela Left without Mobile Service

May 14, 2018
Last updated: 14/05/2018

Cyber hackers, that performed cyberattacks on Venezuela’s government website several days ago, have deprived 7 million people of mobile service.

It has been reported by Venezuela’s mass media that ‘’The Binary Guardians’’ have allocated responsibilities on themselves for cyberattacks on the government’s official website.

Science and Technology Minister Hugbel Roa said that in consequence of the virtual attack 7 million users of Movilnet's GSM were not able to take use of mobile service. It should be noted that the whole number of Movilnet’s clients is near 13 million citizens. Almost half of them were affected by this cyberattack.

Roa also added that the hacking attack on Movilnet’s GSM was one of a few intrusions performed since the beginning of the week. He also stated that nine cuts in their fiber optic network have been, and it led to disabling of internet service in seven states.

Finally, Minister Hugbel Roa said that the cyber intrusions were accomplished with the aid of foreign agents and aimed at disrupting their country’s connectivity.

The authorities are still going on with the investigation of this cyberattack.

Taking into consideration the stepped-up hacking attack, it is indispensable to be security-minded on the network. One should take precautions in order not to fall victim of cyber hackers. Though it is not possible to foresee all potential threats on the network, one may avoid some of them.

Among the developed security instruments a VPN service is believed to be the most affective. Protecting internet connections with a VPN allows you to feel safer online as it provides an encrypted private internet usage.

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