Millions of Equifax social insurance data underwent leak

July 28, 2018


Sensitive data and payment details are the number one in the list of computer fraudsters’ target.

Thus, over 90% falls to the share of such information.

In this connection, it was not surprisingly to know about Equifax leak, while the figures are more than impressive – 143 million social security numbers were stolen by adversaries.

The organizations like Equifax become the main goals of computer fraudsters because of the database. Usually such companies keep information on sensitive data of a vast number of people. The info may contain: banking card numbers, published data, social insurance data (as in case of Equifax) and what not.

The leak itself is not so dreadful, but the consequences it may lead to are impressive. It depends on the adversaries, what could they do seized these data.

In view of the latest developments, the organizations (banks, healthcare agencies, consumer credit agencies, etc) that keep data about their consumers should take all necessary precautions to protect them and their clients.

Having chosen a reliable VPN for protection, the organization will become even more attractive for people. The benefits company gets are significant:

  • Database protection.

Virtual Private Networks function as a defense for the data kept by the organization. The information leak is impossible because of strong encryption.

  • Reliable methods of cyphering.

The most frequently used way to encode information is 256-bit key encoding. It is really difficult to access the information cyphered by means of this method. Nevertheless, it is even possible to use 1024- and 2048-bit key encryption. In this case, one will need centuries to decode it.

One must admit, that a VPN is the best tool to protect the organizations and the data kept by them.

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