Messengers have been accused of undermining security level

October 26, 2016

Messengers have been accused of undermining security levelBeing an owner of Snapchat and Skype, Microsoft is accused of security level subversion. According to the latest estimates in privacy ranking messenger’s analysis, these applications are among the worst.

Young people who hand over their private data openly via the messengers are considered to be the most insecure clients. It is known that most of the Snapchat’s content policy is centered on deleting everything from the servers within a short time frame. Just listen to this one more time: ‘most’ of the content and ‘within a short time’. Can you say that everything is clear? Microsoft has declared that it’s totally confident that encryption is highly important for the company and its customers.

The most reliable privacy technology as for today is end-to-end encryption, which is to make data accessible for two participants only. But the most popular messengers are stated to be lack of the encryption, on the contrary the companies use transport encryption, which doesn’t guarantee a high level of protection from the storage on the servers.

The analysis has also shown that Facebook apps are the best in privacy providing. Google and BlackBerry haven’t responded to the questions timely. Therefore, you’re represented the best VPNs for Skype and Facebook VPNs to protect your right to privacy while networking, as nobody is to solve the problem for you, you should take control independently.