Major German cryptocurrency exchange passed the data about their users to the law enforcement agencies

May 14, 2018
Last updated: 14/05/2018

It has become known that one of the biggest German online bitcoin exchanges ‘’’’ provided the users’ personal data to law enforcement agencies without court decision. It should be noted that in conformity with the law it has no obligation to perform that.

According to German mass media at least eight data transfer cases took place in January 2017.

The police requested the data of the users who were suspected of paying with bitcoins for drugs on the non-defunct online marketplace ‘’Chemical love’’. All in all, eight bitcoin addresses have been passed to the police.

The users’ data included real names and nicknames of their clients, the present addresses, e-mails and IP-addresses, bank credentials, aggregate order amounts and payment transactions.

Though the police failed to prove that the suspects were involved in any deals with ‘’Chemical love’’, the information was attractive for them. As noted, ‘’Bitcoin. de’’ first refused to reveal the data without a warrant, but under pressure from the law enforcement agencies, the exchange changed the decision.

Taking into account all the mentioned above, before taking advantage of any services offered in foreign countries, it is necessary to pay attention to the legal system of the country under the jurisdiction of which they are.

So, when choosing a VPN service to protect yourself on the network, don’t forget to read thoroughly their terms of privacy and check where the VPN’s is officially located. 

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