Mac malware alert!

November 11, 2017

Mac malware alert!Adversaries act in their interests again. For this once, BitTorrent-client transmission contains malware for Mac. Malware OSX/Keydnap is able to intercept keychain content Mac OSX. Moreover, it opens a ‘backdoor’, which allows adversaries getting an instant access to the virus infected system and accomplishing a variety of commands remotely.

According to ESET that have been tracing the virus since July 2016, the malware could even bypass Gatekeeper protection. The false version has been already deleted from the official Transmission site. Earlier Bit Torrent client has been mentioned as another malware KeRanger, which is to a large extent similar to the contemporary one.

There’s no saying how this malware could enter the official website. This news may seem a bit unusual for Apple users considering the fact that Windows is more susceptible to virus attacks. The vulnerability of our systems demonstrates once again the necessity of using the latest protective technologies, such as a VPN. Mac OS is an attackable system as well and Apple users shouldn’t exaggerate the abilities of the built-in tools. Each system needs appropriate security application, and BestVPNRating has a solution to any problem attributed to malware and privacy protection. To learn more about Mac malware protection click Best VPNs for Mac where you can get professional assistance in selecting a necessary VPN service. If you aren’t ready to plunk down your money, you can follow Best VPNs For Free 2016.