A Lithuanian hacker snatched $100M from Facebook and Google

May 14, 2018

A Lithuanian hacker snatched $100M from Facebook and Google The list of the best-known web criminals has been expanded with a Lithuanian hacker Evaldas Rimasauskas. He is charged with managing phishing attacks forcing the organizations to transfer a vast amount of money to accounts he controlled.

According to the latest official news, these two leading companies were burned and lost more than $100 million. At achieving the purpose Rimasauskas combined Latvian and Asian organizations both of which delivered phishing emails to the victims. After that all the stolen funds were transferred into 6 individual bank accounts across Europe and Asia.

Beyond all doubt, this case serves as a warning to all companies pushing for the implementation of necessary protective measures against phishing attacks. Besides, the arrest of Rimasauskas acts as a deterrent of crime for all cyber criminals that will be identified and caught sooner or later.

How not to become a victim of computer fraudsters?

Within the meaning of many cyber security experts, phishing attacks have been established as one of the leading methods utilized by cyber adversaries. The main reason for the issue is that the well-crafted phishing emails cause an identifying problem among users and regulated software.

While applying security programs businesses should keep their systems up-to-dated and install protective tools, such as antivirus software and VPN apps. A reliable VPN is to make your network protected from any unauthorized access and sturdy against adversaries. Top-notch VPN software makes it impossible to introduce harmful code into your browsing session and intercept ay transferred traffic. However, the app does not defense your gadgets against multiple online infections. For this reason, even when using a VPN, you still need to be careful with unknow web sources in order to provide your devices with iron-clad security protection.