Let introduce you Free VPN Chrome Extension!

March 07, 2018

It is a wonderful day and there’s a special reason to celebrate it! We’d like to introduce you VPN Chrome Extension which is free! Using the Chrome Extension you’ll enjoy all the opportunities it provides especially simplicity and quickness.

Let’s define all the benefits it brings.


The new VPN Chrome extension contains the following key features:

  • vpn services for google chromeVPN Chrome Extension is offered to you absolutely FREE! Monthly 500 MB of data is proposed to you FREE! Data is constantly updating.
  • VPN Chrome Extension provides the simplest one-click connection. The connection speed is the fastest one.
  • It doesn’t matter where you are staying right now, as you’ll have access to various social networks and streaming entertainment sites such as Facebook, Netflix, YouTube, Skype. Using the service you’ll be able to avoid troubles concerning restrictions, firewalls, censorship.
  • Hiding your IP you stay anonymous all the time you surf the Internet, your digital footsteps are not tracked by government or website owners.
  • You may stay anywhere you want and connect to 30+ server locations. Such countries as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada are accessible for you now.
  • It goes without saying you’ll enjoy the connection speed. If you’re an advanced user who upgrades to a paid plan, you’ll have an opportunity to taste limitless bandwidth.
  • If you have some troubles or you need some advice, you can get support from the extension.


The way to install the Free VPN Chrome Extension:

The installation is as easy as pie. There’re several steps for doing it:

  1. Clicking the link you’ll have access on the Chrome store;
  2. Firstly you should click the +Add to Chrome button and a pop-up appears. Secondly, you should click ‘Add Extension’. So the SaferVPN is on the screen;
  3. If you have an account, you may login using your user name and password.


Try to use all the options of VPN Chrome extension:

When you’ve completed all the previous steps, you should choose your favourite restricted site and enhance your privacy.

  • Going to the chosen site you should click on the SaferVPN Chrome extension icon;
  • The first tab to Connect should be clicked and the page should be renewed. It has done successfully! Now you access is anonymous and private!

If you had a chance to choose another country of staying, which one would you like to choose? The right answer is any! Any location is available for you.


Enjoy the results:

Now you have a chance to pleasure browsing simply and easily. Use all the possible options and appreciate the opportunities it provides. Use the free 24 hour trial at any platform you want: iOS, Mac, Windows, Android apps. Don’t forget to pass your opinion and feedback! It’s so important for us!