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July 10, 2016

Cybersecurity tips for businessIf we compare large enterprises and small companies, the latter is undergone hacker attacks more often that leads to data leak. As IDC research group states, 71 percent of security breaches refer to small companies.

It’s wrong to think that the reason for hacking is stealing the information of great importance such as property that derives from the work of the mind or something that is known only by the company that uses is and is protected from competitors. Cyber-attacks are not usually expensive, so hacking is carried out for the sake of profit. Besides, well-known operating systems are hacked most of all.


The best self-help tips

As the number of cyber-attacks is increasing day by day, you should reinforce your protection for not falling into a trap of an experienced hacker. That’s why we’d like to help you providing the basic security knowledge.


Choose a "products and services" approach

A third-party security vendor is engaged by companies no matter how big it is. According to the statistics outside security expertise is regarded as extra security measure by 80 percent of participants. Security technologies which are on the market today are critical, that’s why the better way is to involve a "products and services" approach for keeping your and your customers’ data secure. It implies that a team of security and compliance experts provides within 24 hours security-monitoring.


Look after your system

There’s no doubt that prevention is better than cure when we speak about our health. The above is also true of cybersecurity. Keeping up with the times means constant updating your IT system. Moreover, routine maintenance helps to keep your system good conditioned preventing from vulnerabilities and many basic cyber threats.


Use secure applications

The network traffic should be continually monitored for abnormalities like suspicious IP addresses or unauthorized file transfers. If an IT admin find out them, the abnormalities should be added to a block list not allowing to access the network. Besides, web application firewalls (WAFs) should be set up to secure

your web system. With the help of the app common online attacks are identified easily. When there are intrusion attempts, the IT admin is informed right away by the WAF complicating the access for cyber attackers.


Back up your system

The most dangerous security threat is ransomware, a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. Nowadays it’s a great concern for companies, as even you pay money for returning your relevant files, nevertheless they remain locked and got lost forever.

The system and relevant information should be backed up all the time. No matter where your data are stored: in a hybrid data center or in the cloud, it’s necessary to back up your files to hard drives. The cloud is considered to be useful as it provides strong security protection.


Instruct your staff

Cyber security tips for businessSometimes your security is easily hacked because of the human factor. Employees should follow some security measures for avoiding being hacked at work and at home as well. Firstly, they should know the latest news concerning security. Secondly, some companies organize trainings which can help to cope with problems regarding hacking. Thirdly, providing employees some new modern technologies such VPN which can reinforce the system security, you can be confident that your system is strongly protected.

Our advice is only the tip of the iceberg, the rest part of which is hidden. It’s more useful to follow it but at the same time don’t forget to improve your skills and upgrade your knowledge to be armed all the time.