IT Security does not satisfy managers

November 02, 2017

IT Security does not satisfy managersAccording to the new research, shadow IT is still threat for many organizations. The employees are supposed to be uninformed as they add resources and services without authorization. Though there are innovations in security.

The statistics shows that 61% employees check IT before the new device is brought into the network. At the same time the rest 39% do not do the same creating the potential threat to the system. Besides, 39% is a significant number of users and they do not tell anybody about it.

It is not surprised that contractors are considered to be the biggest risk. It makes worry as it can lead to the growing interest to BYOD.

Such devices can be the problem of malware appearing as they can synchronize automatically after having connection. In consequences, it can lead to the stolen data or even leak of the important information.

They sat that up-to-date security should prevent from any potential threat. In addition, the risk should be minimized by it.

55% of UK (Best VPN for UK) and 57% of German (5 VPN for German) IT decision makers have declared that shadow IT is represented in their companies. Moreover, they said it led to attacks in the past 12 months.

Security teams should be ready to identify potential attacks despite it is difficult to do it when assert are unknown. If companies want to be secure and avoid problems connected with attacks, they should keep up with the times.