IPVanish VPN is Not Ready to Accept Government Data Retention

July 28, 2018
Last updated: 28/07/2018

ipvanish - vpn service.IPVanish is one of the most popular and powerful VPN service providers in the world. IPVanish VPN has raised its concerns against the data retention programs of many governments all over the world, especially United Kingdom, United States and Australia.   

This strong objection to the government data retention has given the IPVanish VPN the finalist spot at the Annual Global Excellence Awards. This is the 12th year that the awards are being given to popular internet services. The awards are constituted by the Info Security Products Guide (ISPG). It recognizes top internet security and IT vendors who are dedicated to offering better services for their clients and held in setting new bars for other companies to upstage them.

The team of IPVanish VPN service is pretty much thrilled and excited for being considered as a finalist in the Global Excellence awards. The security offerings and the privacy of the user is given top most priority by the service provider. The company is focused on offering the best security and privacy for their clients and will go the extra mile to meet the security needs of their customers.

IPVanish VPN is pretty happy to have received the nomination for the 2016 Global Excellence Awards and thank the ISPG for recognizing their contribution and commitment towards their customers.