IPVanish Provides Protection against CISA 2015

October 11, 2016

ipvanish - vpn service.IPVanish is one of the leading VPN services all over the world. The subscribers of this VPN service need not worry about their information being accessed by Big Daddy through the new Cyber Security Information Sharing Act of 2015 (CISA). IPVanish offers top quality encryption such that the government agency cannot trace their internet activities. 

The CISA offers the permission for companies and the government agencies to gain access to the user’s private information. But, IPVanish offers a solution for this. The users can use this software to make their identities hidden and anonymous on the internet. You will be able to check out any website that is not allowed in your state or country. Because the online access passes through an encrypted tunnel, no geo-restrictions will prevent you to communicate or browse on the internet without any hassles.

IPVanish feels that the internet users have the right to view everything offered on the internet and hence is offering its VPN service as a solution to give the users the right to online activity without the interference of government agencies and other companies. There will be no compromise on speed and security when you access internet using IPVanish as it operates through its own infrastructure.