iPhone X and Face ID: will it make you safer?

September 30, 2017

Recently Apple company has updated its privacy page with explanations how the new configuration Face ID works. As it is known this function that allows people to unlock iPhone X by mean of advanced biometric authentication.

The newely developed feature is believed to add an additional level of privacy and security for iPhone’s users.

Moreover, as Face ID is becoming of great importance, Apple believes that the level of selling will be higher.

The previous version of identification will be replaced by Face ID function. The feature is aimed at secure and private usage of iPhone X.

How Face ID works: key facts

  1. The gadget is unblocked if the user looks at the screen.
  2. The feature is not enabled automatically in case of activating of VoiceOver.
  3. One needs to enter a password to activate Face ID

When is a password required?

There have been described the situations when you will be asked to enter your password. They include the following:

  • The phone is restarted
  • After 48 hour of not unblocking the phone.
  • In case of being made locked remotely.
  • If one fails to unlock iPhone with Face ID five times.

Biometric data is not gathered for Apple company

In the privacy paper Apple pay attention to the fact that the biometric information collected for unlocking the device will not be sent to the company. The photos are saved on the phone and used to create a mathematical representation of the face.

Face ID is another step to privacy and security while using gadgets. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering about the right for privacy not only offline, but on the network as well. A VPN service is a nice and reliable technology that will make it possible. 

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