Internet privacy vs. Information Sold for Profit

March 30, 2017

Internet privacy vs. Information Sold for Profit It was believed that the NSA and the surveillance policy the US follows are the main problems raised for average users. As it happens there has appeared one more detail that endangers privacy of all the internet customers there. From now on any data, such as your browsing history or geo-location information can be sold by ISPs to any interested party. Fortunately, the bill is under consideration and we still hope on its positive outcome that the bill won’t be accepted by the Senate.

How has it got started?

Advertisers get huge sums of money from such Internet giant companies as Google and Facebook who store your private data and sell it to interested parties. In their turn, US ISPs have been envy about this fact, as soon as they have much more access to customers’ personal data, but can do nothing with it.

In compliance with the new law all the private data gathered by the ISPs can be further passed with the view of companies’ profit. This can lead all the US democratic society up to the bottom of the way to free press and internet.

What do we have now?

You see that under a Republican majority of the Senate, there have been no chances to prevent the move on the part of Democrats. When moving further the law prohibits any future attempts to make internet users’ privacy protected. While giving ISPs a chance to get profit from selling information on their customers the government hides its real intention under the beautiful lie. The government assures its citizens that the new law will allow them to control all the data shared with third parties and make their own decisions whether to contribute it or not.

How to save your privacy untouched?

As you see any new privacy protection intend coming from FCC won’t be noted, which is stated by the new law. We have probably surrounded by the Republicans and have practically nothing to do with it. Although the Senate’s decision can be vetoed by Donald Trump, it has no chances to happen, as soon as the law is of a much monetary value.

Therefore, when being concerned about your privacy, you need to reach out to some specialist of the sphere, which are able to make your network protected from any unauthorized interference. VPN providers are the people you should apply for professional assistance. The up-to-the-minute technology makes your authentic address hidden, true virtual location shifted, all the generated traffic encrypted and your network anonymous. Such as there were, a VPN service is the only credible way to make you protected from money-minded people who don’t care for their citizens.

Update: 07/04/2017