Install SurfEasy Browser Extensions to Enjoy Privacy and Security

April 25, 2016

surfeasy - vpn service.2015 has been a very good year for SurfEasy VPN. The company was able to increase its user base, offer more updates to their VPN service as well as released a lot of new products and features. This was not seen in the previous years.

One of the best things that SurfEasy did during the end of the year was to offer Google Chrome and Opera browser users with brand new Surf Easy VPN extension. The sole purpose of offering the web browser extension was to keep the safety and security of the user information intact when browsing any website. 

The browser extensions are part of the user’s favorite browser and they can be availed from Chrome web and Opera Add-ons store. The extensions will be seen inside the browser and close to the address bar so that you can turn and turn off SurfEasy VPN with ease.

Once the browser extension is turned off, the VPN will open up an encrypted tunnel between the website and you. Hence, all the private data and information is not compromised and moreover, you will be browsing the website on a different IP address. Your original IP address given by your internet service provider will be hidden from the website.