Instagram warns: app’s bug leaked data

May 14, 2018

According to the latest statistic results, social media apps are the most vulnerable services that are frequently attacked by malicious hackers. Instagram says that at least one attacker was allowed for compromising personal accounts and stealing sensitive data by finding the breach in its system.

A bug allowed for accessing the email credentials and telephone numbers of the Instagram high-profile users. Nevertheless, no other sensitive information seems to have been leaked.

The Instagram’s breach was disclosed after the profile of Selena Gomez was attacked, resulting in several sexually explicit shots of Justin Bieber being published on her behalf. It should be mentioned that Gomez and Bieber are the most popular celebrities on the service with more than 100 million followers.

Instagram restored the previously mentioned account and helped Gomez re-secure the access. As to the information about which profiles may have been attacked, an Instagram representative declined to disclose it. However, the bug was fixed and the company’s security team is investigating further.

Indeed, the company’s primary concern is securing and safeguarding all information entrusted by its customers. It recommends applying a strong password, while also changing it regularly. For additional account security, you should set up two-factor authentication and install a trustworthy VPN service for encrypting the internet connection making all transferred data safe from prying eyes. 

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