Indian Authorities Impinge upon Internet User Right

December 12, 2017

Indian Authorities Impinge upon Internet User Right Indian Competent Government Authority impinges upon online user right. One would think it’s all too much, but the government keeps moving on towards authoritarian regime and absolute censorship. Having regard to the latest news, accessing to a blocked site you can be heavily fined ($4.500) or even put into prison for three years.

On the assumption of the law, each Internet user who makes the blocked sites, such as Jammu and Kashmir, accessible, receives notice informing about url blocking in compliance to the order of Hon’ble Court. All Indian ISPs are forced to carry on this messaging. The authorities’ intention of bringing the law into action is the most serious one for recent years. It is announced that any customer who visits blocked torrents or banned sites, irrespective of whether one uses the content or just enters the forbidden url, will be obviously punished.

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