Improve Your Net Security with Free VPN from Betternet Technologies

December 16, 2015

betternet - vpn-serviceBetternet Technologies is the company which offers a free VPN service designed for iPhone, iPad, etc. You will not face any problems with ads. There is no need for any registration to use the service. 

Betternet offers some of the best features to their customers. This is an unlimited free service, and no credit cards or payments are needed for using the service. You need not have to login or complete a registration process. Your log will not get saved by the service. You can connect to this VPN just by tapping it. Betternet has the fastest server for VPN services.

You will be able to access different websites and applications within the country for work or learning purposes. You will be able to surf the social sites without any problem using this service.

Betternet offers anonymous surfing as it will change your IP and prevent you from being tracked. When you are using public Wi-Fi hotspots, Betternet will protect your privacy and make your device more secure. 

It is a faster VPN service as it connects you to the nearest server by automatically detecting your location. The latest and improved version of Betternet reduces connection issues and offers improved performance.