ibVPN has offered a bundle for the plan!

March 20, 2018

Are you tired of torrid hot sunny weather? Are you dreaming about cool days? Not now, because this summer is getting even hotter with ibVPN making an incredible offer for their darling customers!

In case you make up your mind to buy an ultimate VPN annual plan, you will have an amazing opportunity for getting Bitdefender Total Security 2017 for free! Having subscribed for this plan for a year, you get not only ibVPN internet freedom and privacy, but Ironclad viruses and ransomware protection powered by Bitdefender. Got interested?

Then you should know that ibVPN will provide you with a wide range of peachy-keen features. ibVPN offers more than 130 servers, 5 concurrent connections for your gadgets, ultrastrong data codifying methods, TOR and plenty of other effective tools for your net privacy and safety.

Getting a free license for Bitdefender, you will be able to enforce your security in the virtual space.

ibVPN has already proved its reliability and respectability, so if you are willing to spend a year having a double defense of online surfing, it is worth taking advantage of ibVPN summer bundle offer. Do not waste time!