IbVPN has launched a special!

February 23, 2017

IbVPN has launched a special! After a long winter days we are in waiting for warm and sunny discount season. And this spring is starting from an open-handed gesture from ibVPN. If you have dreamed about such a protection for your online life as a VPN, but haven’t had enough money, now you have a possibility to subscribe for Ultimate VPN package from the provider at 69% off cost.

The offer will be in effect till March 31! So, get a move on for not to waste a chance. Having subscribed for the package, you achieve such benefits as cost-cutting, firm privacy and security, limitless bandwidth, geo-restrictions avoidance, free torrenting and p2p sharing, and etc.

Such as there were, ibVPN is a good tried-and-true service with a reliable reputation, so if you want to supply your network with a strong defense, you have a great chance to make it without extra expenses.