The Hyperface project vies for anonymity and privacy

May 14, 2018

The Hyperface project vies for anonymity and privacy By reason of the technological development, our society has forgotten about their privacy and sensitive data integrity. For example, some commercial and social media websites scan faces or users’ photos in order to provide secure access meanwhile violating the right to anonymous internet usage.

In view of this, Germany-based technologist Adam Harvey has come up with the idea to confuse the identification system by designing multiple false hits so it can’t define which faces are original. He has created the Hyperface project supposing to print patterns which include human face features and can be recognized by a computer as a real face.

The main aim is to overload algorithms responsible for customers’ identification with requested content and overfill the space with theirs faces. In such a manner computer vision algorithms divert their perspective while observing rights to privacy.

Cooperating with the international interaction studio Hyphen-Labs, Harvey has designed patterns which can be utilized to blanket a space and modify the environment around the customer. On top of that, the project’s profit has been underlined by Hervey based on various data points of commercial and academic researches which are able to discover from a small facial image more that 2% of the size of a usual Instagram photo. What is more, this small piece of data can be used for marketing or even criminal purposes. One way or another, you need to undertake self-maintained measures protecting your privacy and anonymity online. That’s exactly why you need to install VPN service. Using it, your internet connection will be secured and protected by VPN including all personal data transported through the encrypted tunnel. Choose a reliable VPN service which becomes your lifesaver and helper fighting for privacy.