How to secure your corporate network during the holiday season

May 14, 2018

During the Christmas holiday season, many companies have little free time executing multiple orders for their clients. Due to the fact that they have enough on plate and can forget about personal privacy and data security, hackers to put important steps in place to penetrate in corporate network and steal sensitive info. In order to eliminate risk of system breaking and be ready to external attacks, draw your attention to the following online hoaxes which are typical during the holiday season.

False charitable donation

At the end of the fiscal year many companies are ready to make charitable money gifts aiming to reduce business tax liability. Be very attentive and check twice the company you donate for. Otherwise, you will be cheated and all your money will be transferred to the hacker account.

Email phishing congratulations

Usually, self-respecting companies exchange felicitations with their customers. Unfortunately, many officials leave out of consideration that hackers can avail this opportunity and send malware or a phishing mail. Opening such message, not only your computer will be infected, but all corporate net will be exposed to danger.

Computer viruses as Christmas gifts

If you want to secure your computer from infection and personal data from stealing, keep away from malicious links and unverified free software installation. That is holiday season when hackers enhance their hazard activity spreading scumware all over the net.

Christmas hackers masquerade

Looking for new clients, keep both eyes open seeing that future business partner can be a malicious individual which is aimed at inflicting harm to your company. Be careful answering the suspicious phone calls or reading emails from people you don’t know.

Even if you follow these steps, you need to secure the corporate net with a modern technology. This is why we recommend you to use a VPN service which encrypts all exchanging information and makes you internet connection secure and inaccessible for hackers.

We wish you success and prosperity in the coming year and be safe and secure with a VPN technology!