How did PureVPN assist the FBI to arrest a cyberstalker

May 14, 2018
Last updated: 14/05/2018

fbiandpurevpn_1At the beginning of October 2017, the news on Ryan Lin arrest was discussed in the media.

The man started persecuting a young lady in April 2016 cracking her accounts and stealing her personal data. The FBI has managed to catch him only recently.

However, the subtle humiliation is not the most interesting. It is surprising, but the FBI thanked PureVPN for help. It is reported that PureVPN team helped to identify the person using fake accounts created for attacks.

In fact, the investigation ascertained that Ryan Lin attacked his victim using his home IP and the IP of the company he worked for.

PureVPN role in this issue became the subject under discussion, as on the website of the VPN provider it is said that the company doesn’t store data on its clients and doesn’t keep logs.

PureVPN representatives declared that the company did not break the rules regarding the privacy of its subscribers. In other words, it means that PureVPN provider doesn’t monitor users’ traffic. Nevertheless, the service has an eye on the IPs used to access PureVPN. This information may be used to identify the person. But it can hardly be done without the FBI or similar agencies.

The prospect to be caught using a VPN is not the most attractive one, but the chance to be spied by a cyber-stalker is even worse.

In this regard, bestvpnrating team tests all services for security providing and informs its users about the most reliable services.

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