Hola Comes to the Rescue of Brazilian WhatsApp Users after Government Blockade

May 14, 2018
Last updated: 14/05/2018

hola - vpn service.The Brazilian government had shut off WhatsApp service in the country in December 2015. This was a big loss to the people of Brazil as they used this instant messaging service to chat with their friends group, post photos and videos in the group and also share important information. This freedom of information sharing was suddenly switched off and Brazilians immediately sought the help of Hola VPN service to carry out their WhatsApp messaging, despite it being banned in the country. 

There were many Brazilians who turned to other messaging apps like Telegram. But, many others chose to seek the help of Hola VPN services to continue their chats on WhatsApp messaging service. As Hola VPN offered the lowest priced and most reliable VPN service, more than 269,000 people made use of the Hola app to switch on the censored WhatsApp in Brazil. 

Hola offers peer-to-peer service and does not rely on any other servers to transmit content. The users will be able to surf the intent and access all Brazilian government blocked sites without being traced. Hola offers free of charge services for its non-commercial users and this is why you see so many people using Hola to gain access to banned Whatsapp.