Hola CDN Makes Web Faster and Cheaper

October 10, 2016

hola - vpn service.Hola was created with the intention of making the web more open, cheaper and faster. They were successful in creating networks with a P2P overlay that can carry HTTP. 

The Hola VPN service started in 2013 allowed the users all over the world to avoid net censorship. 

The laminating service offered by the company in 2014 provided data harvesting solutions for corporations. This feature has made online businesses to become more competitive.

Now Hola is trying to improve the online video delivery. At present video delivery by most of the video sites on the net are slow and expensive. 

Hola now offers content distribution network that will deliver better video for any video publishing site.

The new technology used by Hola has dedicated servers for global network with P2P and client code using Java Script. The multiple servers of Hola CDN will stream the videos to the viewers in a parallel way. This will increase the speed and reliability of the streamed videos and will slash the expenses for the distribution of video contents regardless of the geographic location. 

Hola will be providing a perfect system for video streaming for video publishers. You will be able to provide flawless videos avoiding buffering using the latest technology from Hola.