Headline-Making Case: Two Hackers Have Attacked CIA and Got Arrested

September 13, 2016

Two Hackers Have Attacked CIA and Got ArrestedTwo American hackers have been arrested for assistance in hacking the e-mails of high rank US government officials. It is revealed that CIA director’s data account, twenty nine thousand of FBI agents’ and DHS’s data have been ceased and put online.

The two hackers are known as a team member of a hacker group charged with hacker attacks’ commitment. The judicial documents explain the following: in order to gain access to the secret information the hackers have claimed to be the representatives of the ISP’s technical group. In such a manner they have been able to take under control the federal computer systems.

All the attacks have been accomplished at the beginning of 2016. The two arrested hackers are to come before the court next week. It is assumed, that three more participants have been there. It is also expected, that the teenagers live in the UK and now the British Crown Prosecutor Service finds out their role in the attacks.