Happy Data Privacy Day!

January 28, 2017

Happy Data Privacy Day! Each year on January 28 staysafeonline.org holds Data Privacy Day to invite attention to basic questions related to online security. This year particular consideration is given to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust. If you want to merge into the Data Privacy Day celebrations, just stay protected online and conform the following tips:

  • Keep control on the security settings on your gadgets and personal accounts.
  • Utilize strong authentication tools, such as two-factor or biometric user’s identification.
  • Do not forget to update your devices in time in order to escape possible cyber-attacks.

It’s an open secret that the underlying hazard comes from the global net which covers unlawful and malevolent activities. That’s exactly why you need to be aware surfing the net and turn you mind to some useful advices:

  • Utilize “https” requests while surfing or conducting payments online designating that info exchanging on this website is ciphered.
  • Use VPN every time you are online. That way, your web activities will be hidden while sensitive info and personal correspondence are unavailable for hackers or third-party snoops. VPN is especially helpful utility connecting to the net via free hotspots seeing that public Wi-Fi attracts criminals to interrupt traffic and remove sensitive info.
  • When choosing providers for privacy tools, such as VPNs, be sure you need to select those you can trust. For this reason, learn more about your service provider and pick more reliable one if necessary.

There is no doubt that you can celebrate Data Privacy Day following these simple rules. But if you want to be involved more, you can join the special online conversation with the hashtag #privacyaware and share your experience leaving comments below.