Google will not give up without a struggle

May 14, 2018

Google will not give up without a struggle Google has been required to present correspondence stored outside the USA. The search order has been received from FBI planning to conduct a domestic fraud investigation.

Nevertheless, the FBI request contravenes the recently-passed adjudgment, according to which Microsoft gained the right to collect customer data in servers outside the USA. In such a manner, the corporation keeps its Ireland servers out of reach of the US government.

When it comes to the situation with Google, the U.S. Magistrate Judge has approved FBI request expounding it as a legitimate action for essential data capturing. However, Google marshals forces and prepares for appealing against a decision.

Both cases lie under the Stored Communication Act dated by 1986 and described as an outdated federal law. This is due to the fact that the act does not include precise rules about service providers’ powers and duties in the global context. The result is that Congress needs to revise the legislation or coerce the Supreme Court into defining obsolete rules.

Anyway, if you want your private correspondence to stay secret, you must take extra security measures. For this reason, you need to subscribe for a decent VPN service which defends your confidential info from external threats event if they come from the US government.