Good news from NordVPN

September 15, 2016

Good news from NordVPNAs you know, up-to-date VPNs are constantly competing to improve the quality of their services, which inevitably leads to some additional facilities and growth of clients. And NordVPN is not an exception. It is probably one of those few services that set the trends for self-improvement. Nord VPN supplies its customers with a qualitative service providing anonymous, private and secure networking.

Today NordVPN is adding new services. There are such new locations as:

  • the US +6 servers;
  • Canada +;
  • Australia+;
  • Sweden+5 servers;
  • the UK+2 servers;
  • Denmark+;
  • Slovakia+;
  • Brazil+;
  • Russia+2 servers;
  • Latvia+2 servers;
  • Austria+;
  • Netherlands+4 servers;
  • Hong Kong+4 servers;
  • Singapore+4 servers.

In total: now NordVPN offers 610 servers in fifty two countries.

The provider is to continue developing and supply its customers with even more locations. For this purpose NordVPN asks its clients to answer the question: how more locations they want to have and where. It seems to be the case when the service exceeds expectations. Well done!