Golden Frog is Working on Glibc Vulnerability

May 22, 2016

vyprvpn - vpn service.There are reports coming through that there is a weakness in Glibc, which is an open source library. This is a major flaw in the Internet’s core building blocks that makes over thousands of apps and hardware devices to be soft targets for attacks. These attacks will result in the complete control of the soft targets.

This vulnerability was first started in the GNU C library in 2008. There is a collection of open source code that will drive many applications and Linux distributions. This also includes the routers and several hardwares. 

There is a function called getaddrinfo that will keep track of the domain name will be having an overflow bug that will give the attackers to carry out malicious coding remotely. It can be made active when devices and apps make use of the attacked domain names or its servers. It will be able to manipulate the data between the open internet and the vulnerable device. Any version of glibc after the 2.9 version can be easy target of the attackers. 

Golden Frog has said that it is very much aware of this huge problem. The company is in the course of correcting all its services. It is giving due priority to any system that is making use of Golden Frog’s services including VyprVPN.