Gmail has been hacked. Again

May 14, 2018

Gmail has been hacked. Again “Gmail accounts has been hacked” you have seen this headline more than once. Unfortunately, Google accounts are still vulnerable and weak against hackers attacks even regardless all protective measures provided by Google corporations.

The new cyber-attack has been focused on Russian customers and caused around 5 million login details leakage. According to the official Google blog, about 100 000 of stolen usernames and passwords were disposed, many of them were long-unused being non-demanded. In fact, the act of login details compromising did not result from a loophole of Google system. Jeopardized identification info has been received by hackers from other websites. This is due to the fact that many internet users have created the same login details for Gmail and other services which was hacked. In such a manner, they pose a threat to their personal info integrity that is unrecommended by Gmail security consultants.

As an interim measure of protection, Gmail will be obliged to inform its customers if their login details are compromised. Further the corporation will discuss new security measures protecting their customers and personal authority on a global market. From this perspective, you need to watch out for your Gmail account, transform all passwords and think about utilizing some extra security utilities. As near as you can guess, VPN service will help out in a very tough situation concerning personal privacy and security online. Subscribing for the best service, you’ll make your online activity untraceable for prying eyes, importunate adversaries and malicious hackers. VPN service will increase your confidence in safety of login details and private correspondence.