Get a b.VPN at 70% discount for now

April 26, 2017

Get a b.VPN at 70% discount for nowIt’s very well known that VPNs have been primarily designed for assisting average internet users with browsing the global net freely and securely. However, some services presented on the market today are extremely expensive and thus unaffordable for common netizens. The good news is that such a high-rated service as b.VPN has just launched a 70% discount for its customers. b.VPN’s month package can be purchased for $3 instead of $15 today.

Having subscribed for b.VPN, you have the opportunity to enjoy the following advantages:

  • The software is simple to setup and run on all major platforms.
  • The network park includes 26+ servers in different countries all over the globe.
  • You have a chance to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously.
  • Your online life is to be protected by the strongest encryption protocols.
  • The service is assisted by day-and-night support.

What is more, b.VPN has developed SMOKE tunnel for defeating strong DPI firewalls. This technology maintains a stable and high-speed connection even during dynamic changes in tunnel environment. The new option proves itself as an extremely helpful feature for all internet community. Travelling around the world or conducting business in regions with strict web restriction systems, you are to be supplied with the safest connection, which can’t be interfered. In addition, it unblocks any restricted content.

Having decided to give b.VPN a try, just visit its official website, choose a proper package and download a suitable app on your device.

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