FruitFly 2: the malware attacked Mac computers again

July 28, 2018

It seemed that Mac users are less vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Nevertheless, malware that has been discovered lately makes us realize Macs are also susceptible for cyber dangers.

A new strange piece of malware, which is called FruitFly, was found on the network.

Mac computers have been infected for a few years by this malicious code, and nobody has noticed its activity up to that time.

FruitFly monitored users through their web cameras, collected photos of the screens containing personal information.

The first FruitFly’s attack case was discovered by Malwarebytes some months earlier. Unfortunately, the advanced version FruitFly 2 has recently appeared. A researcher from another security company, called Synack, identified 400 computers infected with FruitFly 2. It is believed that there are even more cases.

It has not been identified during which period of time FruitFly malware got disseminated, but they found out that the code was created in October 2014 for working on the Mac Yosemite OS. Still there is no information how it got on the computers.

Synack’s specialists keep on the research of FruitFly 2 and have already decoded parts of the code and installed a server for passing the traffic from infected Mac computers.

It is obvious that any operating system, though strong as it could be, is not completely protected from malware attacks. Every computer user should enforce protection with the help of advanced security tools. A VPN service is a useful aid to be more defended from hacking. (See further details in our dedicated article on the topic.)

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