Expecting G20 Chinese Authorities Block VPNs

August 29, 2016

Expecting G20 Chinese Authorities Block VPNsTwenty representatives of the greatest national economies are to be parties to a summit on September 4/5, 2016 in Hangzhou. According to Seed4.me VPN, Chinese government has started a huge operation against VPN companies.

In the words of Speed4.me, on August 23, 2016 the mentioned VPN service was attacked by different purposeful servers with huge channels. Now the entry to VPN sites and providers is being blocked. Having connected, defensive protocols are turned off.

This problem affects many Chinese VPN services. The representatives of the VPN service claim that other popular VPNs’ are blocked as well. In order to avoid doubts, many Chinese customers are using now several VPNs simultaneously for not being isolated from the world. Moreover, Speed4.me has noted that during these two weeks browsers give such a query result where there are many fake VPNs in tops when workable apps are lowered. On that basis, Seed4.me has suggested that Chinese government has found a flaw in iTunes or simply gathered Apple’s support in the question of struggle with VPNs. Everyone knows that today the question of security in the Internet network is perhaps the acutest problem but Chinese government continues behaving as if this issue will never cause a massive public outcry. There is no saying how all this will end, we can only hope that VPNs companies are able to solve this problem.