The EU has rejected the US comments about Yahoo dark scanning

January 15, 2017

The EU has rejected the US comments about Yahoo dark scanningThe US Government has afforded an explanation to the EU concerning Yahoo’s coercion to examine all emails during a six-month period in 2015. In the event, the EU government has been dissatisfied with American agencies’ unlawful activity and the provided explanation particularly. The Yahoo mail scanning scandal rose last October when it was reported about utilizing of surveillance tools by the US intelligence agencies’ order. From there, Yahoo tracked incoming mails of all its users for specific selectors and scanned their content. According to the official data, the secret monitoring was conducted from January till July 2015.

While the situation was disclosed the EU asked the American government to explain the scanning program and adopting causes. The provided info unsatisfied the Europe under the pretext of delaying and lacking of details. Nevertheless, the EU is waiting for the more detailed answer which will contain the info about secret scanning of European users.

There are no doubts that every Yahoo user has been exposed to secret email scanning. If you rank among them and need to secure your personal correspondence, take steps to ensure your account, such as password modification. What is more, you can choose the best VPN service for sending private emails. With VPN all your emails will be encrypted by strong up-to-date protocols being incomprehensible for intelligence agencies. This way your correspondence will be secured and protected allowing to exchange info without fears to be punished.