Dovecot presents impressive security results

May 14, 2018
Last updated: 14/05/2018

Dovecot presents impressive security resultsThe Dovecot mail server has been declared as one of the most secure services resistant to external penetrations. Operating as an IMAP server, it stores electronic messages obtained by mail transfer agents and directs them further to the recipient.

Being examined by the German security team Cure53, Dovecot has performed impressive results. They focused on the program code searching for holes in it, then assigned series of automated penetration diagnostics. Cure53 disclosed three insignificant issues, resulting in high rating allocation.

One of the motivational causes for testing Dovecot is its open-source software. As the most people suppose, the software is prone to multiple bugs. Dovecot proved the contrary producing positive results. Vulnerability scans have discovered a disproportion between defect densities in software. But that doesn’t mean that detected errors compromise operation process. Nevertheless, if you are targeted at securing your personal communication, use VPN service to resolve this problem with fewer risks. The best services utilize modern protocols for encrypting exchanging files. In such a manner, passing through a tunneling secured by a VPN, all your traffic is coded and thus protected from being stolen or read. VPNs also provide many possibilities to their customers that can be tested after subscribing for a service which meets all expectations.