Do you trust your employees?

April 18, 2017

Do you trust your employees?Through the cooperative efforts of the US and Israel based network security managers, the fact of leaking internal corporate secrets for cash has been disclosed to the global community. The research workers have elicited that staff vends sensitive info to hackers from the dark web for a certain charge and even cooperates with blackhats with the purpose of infecting their corporate net with malware.

The powerful evidences have been provided with websites operated in the dark web, such as Kick Ass Marketplace and The Stock Insiders. The first example has served as proof of staff’s vendibility containing corporate info which has been maintained in confidence. Another studied site hires retail staff to convert stolen credit cards into cash for resalable goods like mobile phones.

In such a manner, the dark web has found a steady market for corrupt staff aiming to easily cash out corporate secrets. The web is usually utilized to seek insiders that are ready to help to place malware into the corporate net bypassing protective equipment and accessing internal data.

“Trust everyone, but always cut the cards” is an old saying which eminently suites this situation. There is no doubt that choosing employees you accept a risk of being deceived and hacked. That’s why you need to take extra security measures protecting corporate data. The best solution for your organization is to subscribe for a reliable VPN service which helps to keep your business running safely and secure.