Dire consequences of passed law

December 09, 2017

IPVanish removes Russian VPN servers from MoscowHave you heard the latest news from Russia? Last week a package of controversial anti-terrorism legislation was signed by Russian president Vladimir Putin. What does it mean and which consequences will it lead? Let’s see.

First of all we should define the meaning of the legislation. The new law implies that telephone carriers, internet providers, and the owners of messengers should store all the private information and the messages of the users for six month. Besides, communication companies will have to store the information that describes other information in order to help you understand or use it which is called metadata for 3 years. Moreover, at any time the government may request the information if it is necessary for some reasons including terrorism threat and exposure of crime.

If any company refuses to give the requested data, it would be fined. What kind of data should be given according to the request? The following data should be revealed:

  • the information regarding personal user information including account, name, IP address;
  • data decryption concerning messaging services such as WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram;
  • contents of communication;
  • browser history.

There’s some repercussion of the law. Some VPN services have been responsive to on it. IPVanish which servers are located in Russia has retired it, as it can’t obey the law. This is due to the fact that their policy implies the strongest security and privacy. They consider that personal security is more important than convenience and it should be emphasized nowadays.

VPN service Private Internet Access was undergone the same situation. Its servers were removed due to the law observance action. As Private Internet Access didn’t store user session data, it wasn’t compromised. In consequences, Private Internet Access won’t run the business in Russia.

As for the reaction of different people, the common opinion can be expressed by the following statement which belongs to Edward Snowden:“It's a dark day for Russia”. Describing the law, most people use such adjective as repressive, violent and draconian. What should we expect in the future? What happens next? Wait and see!