Crackers found the weak spot of popular Wi-Fi protocol

May 14, 2018
Last updated: 14/05/2018

wifiprotocolhackedweakspot_0Over 50% of present-day internet users are anxious about data interception while using public Wi-Fi, but don’t give up it.

Such anxiety is not without reason, as it may lead to the theft of passwords, banking cards numbers, E-mails, messages, photos and what not.

Cyber security experts have found the vulnerability of the Wi-Fi WPA2 protocol, which allows hackers to attack the devices running on almost every platform.


Security protocol, which is used for Wi-Fi protection, is cracked. It may lead to the traffic attacks.

According to Mr. Vanhoef, the expert in the sphere of cyber security, the devices running on Windows, OpenBSD, Linux, MediaTek, Linksys, Android, Apple, and other platforms may be exposed to attacks by means of Wi-Fi.

The attack method is focused on WPA2 protocol deception. When the client is connected to Wi-Fi, his/her device uses ‘four-sided handshake’, thanks to which password authentication is accomplished. But because of peculiarities of WPA2 functioning, it is possible to charge the key and nullify the enciphering. This action allows adversaries to access the data of those, who use the network.

Unfortunately, any system can be captured by the adversaries because of such vulnerability. A number of key issues arise from this problem. First of all, an individual is to think twice before accessing to the public Wi-Fi.

Second, one must not ignore the principles of security on the Internet. Third, it is strongly recommended to become a trustworthy VPN subscriber, as it allows not only being protected while using Wi-Fi in public places, but being secure in general.

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