Crack on, Custos!

September 03, 2016

enterprising startup companies as Custos risk a failureIn today’s business market dominated by huge corporations, where there is seemingly no place for small businesses, such enterprising startup companies as Custos risk a failure. A unique conception and self efficacy can lead to an increase of a company potential growth.

Earlier this year Custos known as an organization, which deals with piracy struggle, has gathered financial support from Innovus Technology Transfer, Digital Currency Group, and a South African investor.

As a next step, Technology Innovation Agency of South Africa is to enhance Custos business in South Africa by investing $ 407.000 into the startup. Such investments are always a great commitment to startups and many beginners manage new investments wisely in their business. Custos organization has already announced that TIA funding injection is to expand technical progress.

Today Custos organization possesses twelve million in stock. The company policy points to fight movie piracy. This idea consists in digital watermark spacing on a movie before its distribution that, according to the organization, is an effective measure in piracy combating.