Companies are subjected to data theft

May 14, 2018

companies are subjected to data theftUnfortunately, three out of four companies have suffered from data theft in recent years.

According to the new statistics from the Ponemon Institute the reason of data loss rise is connected with compromises of insider accounts. Besides, one more reason is access to sensitive data by third-party.

Approximately 3000 employees including IT practitioners from Germany, the US, France and the UK took part in the survey. 3000 respondents consisted of 1,656 IT professionals and 1,371 end users from different companies.

76% say that their companies have been subjected to data theft for the last two years. According to them insider negligence is supposed to be one of the major reasons, but not external attackers.

79% IT professionals concern about ransomware as 15% organizations have faced with such problem.

88% end users say that their job implies accessing and using such information as confidential business documents, financial reports, employee records. 62% have access to data that shouldn’t be seen by anybody.

28% IT respondents assure that the staff is allowed to have need-to-know access to sensitive data by the companies. The employee activity is monitored by 25% companies while 38% companies do not monitor anything.

In spite of existing technologies the rise of attacks is constantly increasing. The most dangerous issue is considered to be the theft of the documents. It can lead to some consequences such as a negative impact on the reputation.

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