1 in 8 Children Know Truth about Santa, Reveals Hide My Ass Survey

May 14, 2018

Hide My Ass - VPN serviceHide My Ass VPN has conducted a poll recently on how children started to stop believing about Santa Claus in the modern age. The parents earlier feared that their children would learn the secrets about their favorite Santa Claus from others. Now, they have to fear the internet.

The recent poll by Hide My Ass shows that the internet is the main platform from where the kids learn the real truth about Santa Claus. One in eight parents has said that the internet is the main reason why kids have started to believe lesser about Santa Claus. 

Google is found to be the main culprit to have revealed the real identity of who Santa Claus is and whether he is real or not to the children. As the children started to search on Google about Santa Claus, they have had loads of information show up on the screen that Santa is not real and is just a story. 44% of the parents have blamed Google for letting out the secret about Santa to the children through the Hide My Ass poll.

On an average, kids have started to know about the real Santa now at around 7.25 years and their parents had stopped believing that Santa is not real when they were about 8.05 years old.