Celebrate Data Privacy Day 2018 with VyprVPN

May 14, 2018
Last updated: 14/05/2018

Celebrate Data Privacy Day 2018 with VyprVPNPeople’s sensitive information undergoes hacking attacks, monitoring and theft regularly. Thus, 81% of internet users became the victims of the breaches related to stolen login info and passwords

In this regard, Data Privacy Day is celebrated every 28 January to make netizens better-informed about security and privacy while surfing the Internet. In Europe this day is known under the name of Data Protection Day after “Convention 108” was opened to the treaty.

Being founded in response to surveillance of American government, VyprVPN team aims at spreading awareness about data security issues.

During the past year, VyprVPN managed to accomplish numerous tasks to make its users better-informed about possible online threats and the ways to be protected while surfing the World Wide Web:

  •  March 2017

VyprVPN representatives made a speech on the topic “You Are Not Anonymous: The Myth of Online Privacy” at SXSW Conference.

  •  March 2017

The VPN provider took a stand in favour of preventing ISP from collecting user data. This measure could stop the Internet Service Providers from storing and selling user data.

  •  May 2017.

VyprVPN leaders discussed privacy issues at the meeting in Washington DC. The VPN service advocated for freedom of speech and free access to the Internet.

  •  January 2018

VyprVPN became a part of a coalition group that is against FISA 702 amendments. Thus, the VPN provider is against monitoring.

All these make us conclude that VyprVPN provider strives for superiority of its service to make the subscribers of Golden Frog protected on the cyber environment.  

Keep on reading us and be informed about the latest news in the sphere of cyber security!

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