Bypass Geographic Net Restrictions Using New Browser Extensions from Hotspot Shield

October 10, 2016

hotspotshield - vpn service, The Hotspot Shield VPN service allows the users to set their own virtual location with the help of their new browser extensions. 

Getting around restrictions on net content is possible with a reliable browser based proxy or VPN. When you are travelling abroad and if you want to watch Netflix or you need to stream the playlists on Spotify, you don’t have to worry about the message showing that the particular content is not available in your country, when you use the web extensions provided by VPN service. 

The browser based extensions from Hotspot Shield offers a great way to get around such messages and access what you want to find. 

There is no need for you to create the account or to sign up to use the extensions. To connect to the service you can open the extensions located in the toolbar and select your preferred virtual location. Once you get connected to the Hotspot Shield VPN your web traffic will be through the proxy and you will appear to be in the location you have selected. 

The advantage of this service from Hotspot Shield is that there is no restriction on bandwidth that you can use and is completely free to use.