Breaking news: FBI found a cyber-criminal via PureVPN

May 14, 2018
Last updated: 14/05/2018

The FBI used stored by PureVPN data to track the man suspected of cyber-attack.

24-year-old Ryan Lin was arrested on charges of cyber-stalking by the US authorities. He is accused of monitoring of his ex-neighbor – a young 24-year-old lady. The FBI maintains a strict public silence regarding the personality of a victim.

According to the prosecution case, the man made use of technology for anonymous Internet access – Tor and PureVPN, the system allowing users to hide their identity. A resourceful adversary took all necessary measures to hide his identity and interfere into his victim’s private life with impunity.

Lin stole, falsified and distributed intimate pictures of his victim. Apart from this, he created fake accounts using other female names to offer specific intimate relations and publish the posts with sexual fantasies on behalf of his victim.

The most dreadful thing in this situation is that Ryan Lin used his victim’s list of friends and sent them intimate photos in the name of this young lady.

Besides, the man used stolen photos to find new sexual partners for his victim, and proposed them to meet. Several potential admirers came to Lin’s victim house making her flesh creep.

The list of Ryan Lin criminal actions regarding his ex-neighbor is really miserable and could result in irreversible consequences.

The spokesman of special services allegedly stated that investigative actions identified a special program for traffic encryption PureVPN was installed on the device of the criminal. And the log kept by the service provider denoted the IP address of the adversary.

The experience of this investigative action shows that service providers’ statements about zero log policy are not always true.

According to the privacy policy of this service, the system doesn’t keep logs. The data known for the provider can’t be used to identify a person who uses this VPN.

Besides, it is said that there are NOT such cases when the provider shares any data on their users with third parties whoever they are.


But the real state of affairs is different.

The FBI managed to find IP used to access victim’s E-mail. They determined that this IP belonged to PureVPN. Then collaboration between the FBI and PureVPN provider allowed finding the fraudster’s home and catch him.

There is no doubt that it is great that this man will be punished, but what about the monitoring? This incident makes users think of what VPN provider is the most reliable. We DO believe that there are credible services. And one is to be very precise if he/she cares about privacy.

Besides, the chance to be monitored is minimal if a person doesn’t conduct illegal activities on the Internet. Nevertheless, those will be monitored who are connected with the criminal, as it was stated by A. Blanco, an attorney assistant.


On the one part, PureVPN helped criminal investigation, but on the other part, the documents presented on PureVPN website are only partially true. What will a modern user choose: to be monitored and protected against the criminals like Ryan Lin or really log free services?

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