Bitfinex has security problems

May 14, 2018

Bitfinex has security problemsThe largest crypto-exchange Bitfinex seemed to have subjected to cyberattack. August 2 it was informed that the service stopped working as the security problem was found out. Then Zane Tacket affirmed that the company lost 119 756 bitcoins or 67,47million dollars because of the cyberattack.

The message was published on the official page of Bitfinex according to which the company had to stop working after Bitfinex after discovering the security breach. At the moment the representatives of the company and law enforcement are conducting investigation. It is known that much money has been stolen. Bitfinex will not work until the developers are confident it is protected enough. It is possible to watch for updates here

Damage assessment is not being completed. Besides, marginal analysis is going to be made. Moreover, payment transactions will be performed according to the price when the company phased down.

Nowadays it is not clear who is responsible for occurrence, but according to the evidence it is the fault of the site administration, not users.

By the way, it is supposed to be technical slip-up. In any case the situation influences the prestige of the service and led to rice decline of bitcoins.

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