The best holiday season sales of the outgoing year

December 20, 2016

The beginning of the holiday season sales is the best way to save your money buying Christmassy gifts. Meanwhile you need to take care of your privacy and personal info security purchasing online. In fact, during the holiday season your accounts are exposed to hazards coming from the external network. Malicious hackers enhance their activities breaking personal accounts and stealing sensitive data, such as your real name, credit cards info etc.

In order to prevent the risk, you need to use some security technology, for example a VPN. Fortunately, VPN providers look after their clients and offer discounts for services. So, if you decide to subscribe for a VPN, draw your attention to the following info where we propose you the best holiday season deals.


VPN service

The great deal



NordVPN offers an exclusive deal for 2 years cutting the price by 72%. Pay $3.29 per month or $79 in total.

NordVPN offers


The most popular and attractive offer is to save 35% and purchase an annual subscription for $8.32 per month or $99.95 per year.

expressvpn offers


Save 72% and pay $2.45 monthly for a 2 year package.

PurePVN offers


The best value is a 1 year subscription the price of which is reduced for 46% and costs now $6.49 per month or $77.99 annually.

IPVanish offers


VYprVPN offers 50% discount for all packages, but the most popular is an annual subscription which costs $7.50 per month.

VYprVPN offers


The best offer from leVPN is 2 years subscription which allows you to save 75% and pay $2.47 every month.

le-vpn offers


12 months package is now available for $5.83 per month saving 41%.

StrongVPN offers


Selecting 2 years plan you can save 80% and pay for a VPN service $3.49 per month or bill as one payment of $83.77

SaferVPN offers


Within 7 days you can get a winter special subscription for 7 years paying $266.60 instead of $620.

CyberGhost offers


Save 50% with OneVPN and subscribe for 18 months plan for $48.00.

OneVPN offers

Private Internet Access

The best value is to offer 12 months package saving 52% and paying $3.33. per month or $39.95 per annum.

Private Internet Access

Hide My Ass

Save 57% with HMA getting 12 months VPN package which costs $4.99 per month or $59.88 per year.

Hide My Ass

My Private Network

Until December 23, 2016 you have time to subscribe for this service and save 50% using a promo code and pay £2.49 a month instead of the £4.97. Any additional info you can find on the official website.

My Private Network offers


One of the greatest offers comes from ibVPN which proposes an ultimate VPN package for $2.42 per month or $58.06 per 2 years.

ibVPN offers


VPNarea allow you to enjoy 20% off using a special coupon. What is more, it offers a 50% discount for a 1 year package reducing the price to $59.00 or $4.92 per month.

VPNarea offers


Save 53% and subscribe for a 1 year package paying $39.95 in total of $3.33 per month.

Trust.Zone offers


Selecting 12 months subscription you will save 40% and pay $2.99 per month or $35.88 annually

FrootVPN offers


Take advantage of 86% discount and subscribe for 24 months plan paying $1.66 per month or $39.94 per every 24 months.

Ivacy offers


Subscribing for 12 months package you can pay $3.99 monthly instead of $6.67.

TigerVPN offers


The service offers 2 types of discounts. In our opinion, the most beneficial is an annual plan reduction which composes 54% and is estimated in $27.29 instead of $59.88.

CactusVPN offers


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