Begin a new year with totally secure network from IPVanish

January 01, 2017

Begin a new year with totally secure network from IPVanishPursuing various sales and discounts offered during a New Year Holiday, you may forget about one of the most important things – your privacy and security online. It’s not surprising that the number of hacker attacks increases at holidays period. In order to avoid the risk of being hacked, we recommend you to purchase a VPN service.

In fact, many VPN providers offer big discounts celebrating a New Year. So, do not miss you chance and choose one of the services at a bargain price.

Be sure that IPVanish will be your solution for web privacy. Subscribing for this VPN service you will surf the net freely and secure bypassing all unfair restrictions. Because of the created virtual tunnel linking your device with the global net and utilized encryption protocols, your web activity will be hidden from the net community and spying software. What is more, IPVanish will mask you real IP address making you completely invisible and untraceable.

IPVanish offers three basic plans which are available now with 20% discounts. Do not miss this generous New Year proposal and subscribe for this VPN service.

Without doubts IPVanish is a perfect solution for completely anonymous and secure internet surfing which offers awesome technical support. Enjoy social media websites, stream holiday movies and much more with IPVanish.